4 weeks goes quick… Friday was my final night at M1NT, so I figured it would be a shitshow. However I didn’t expect the chain of events that would lead to me losing my iPhone 5, annnnd missing my flight to Singapore. I don’t remember everything that happened after my set, but it involved lots of Jameson, purchasing a bottle of Moet, girls throwing up, misplacing my DJ bag, and dumplings (all roads lead to dumplings in this place).


I have no idea how I lost my phone, but i’m sure whoever found it is extremely happy considering how much they cost in China. You’re welcome.  As for the flight, it wasn’t like missing a Southwest flight back home.. these fools were trying to make me BUY A NEW FULL PRICE FLIGHT. There was no hopping on the next plane. I got routed to 3 different counters pleading my way onto another flight without have to drop an extra $600 for no reason. I finally got to the highest manager for the airline who somehow bought my pity party “its not my fault” story and put me on the next flight. So the party continues..



I arrived in Singapore only 4 hours behind schedule…best initial part of getting here, everyone speaks English!! I damn near forgot what its like to not have awkward broken sign language conversations with locals.


Next best thing about Singapore, THE FOOD. Holy smokes, all the food is so damn good. And spicy. Huge change from China where i’m scared to eat half the local menu items (see my previous post on roasted brain). I ate at quite a few different places while I was there and all of them were off the hook, and cheap. Even their mall food courts have like 20 different food options from all over the world. No McDonalds, or KFC in sight like Shanghai (shits are on every corner). Definite highlights were the infamous Hainanese Chicken Rice (very plain to look at but surprisingly delicious), chili crab and black pepper crab– which might be the best thing to ever happen to seafood.



China charges for toilet paper in public restrooms.. Singapore charges for napkins!! Anywhere from  $.10 – $.40, no matter what super messy food you are buying that obviously will require clean up. And I thought paying for paper bags in San Francisco was an outrage..


Jack move on the Chicago Bulls logo, buy this food spot “Chinatown Beef”. LOLZ


Prob the most common thing heard about Singapore is its clean.. like, really really ridiculously clean. That’s part to do with their crazy laws to keep it that way. Like the well-known no spitting and no gum chewing laws. They actually don’t even sell gum anywhere in the country.


Besides being clean its also the safest place on earth.. which is no surprise considering they still hang and cane people as punishment!! Some people might remember the US teenager who was caned in Singapore for vandalism back in ’94. Next level shit. So yeah, don’t go there planning to act a fool, they will make an example out of you.


CLUB MINK is kind of a big deal 

How about the reason i’m actually here.. as the guest DJ at Mink! I knew it was a good venue b/c its the same owners as Filter which is another popular club in Singapore. However after talking with locals it seems like Mink is THE hot spot in town. I was surprised at the caliber of talent they are bringing in due to the size of the club (Bassjackers, John Dahlback, Morgan Page, etc).. Only about 400 capacity (which is peanuts after being at M1NT which is probably triple the size). But they are doing everything right: sound, lighting, DJ booth, and crowd are all legit. Much more educated crowd than anywhere in Shanghai, and even many places in the US in terms of house music. Still no hiphop though, besides Niggas in Paris which seems to fly in the middle of pretty much any set.

I played from 1:30-4am and the crowd was even more rowdy when I was done than when I started. I just kept getting busier and crazier the later it got. I think I left around 5:30 and it was still jam packed hands in the air. One of the best club crowds I’ve seen in a while!!



So this was a first… Apparently Singapore does random police raids at clubs in the middle of the night.  They showed up around 2am and put the club on LOCKDOWN. Lights on, no music, and no one is allowed to enter or leve the club until their done. Shit was pretty wild. I goess it only happens every few weeks and I was lucky enough to hit that jackpot. It lasted about 20mins and then it was back to Gangnam Style (of course that was song they shut down the party on). Talk about killing the mood tho.


So this is what the club looked like at peak hour during the raid… Welp, time to see what’s going on in the Twitterverse.



All I have to say is WOW. One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture i’ve ever seen in person. Staying at this hotel has been on my bucket list since I first heard about it and saw photos, and i’m so happy to be able to cross this off. The main attraction is the cruise ship-esque top deck that sits 57 stories up on top of 3 hotel towers. The top deck has 3 restaurant/lounges and the infamous Infinity Pool.  I can’t remember the last time someone was able to get me in a body of water that wasn’t a bathtub, however I had no problem being the token black guy in the pool all day long.

A few panoramic shots to get the full view (mouseover to scroll)

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Singapore weather is insane… These photos were all taken on the same day. Beautiful blue skies in the morning, clouds roll in the aftertnoon, moonsoon showers hit for a couple hours, then a calm evening. 

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Ending the month in Singapore was definitely picture perfect. Its been a long and exciting month, but its time to head home now. Next update will be on US soil! Yeeeeeeeeee. I need a burger and some apple pie.