Shanghai Shenanigans: Day 4 Update

First of all welcome to the blog! Keeping with the tradition of the last trip, i’ll be updating every few days with tales from the Shanghai streets. There’s so many cool, funny, odd, or otherwise interesting experiences out here.. I can hardly capture it all, but I do my best.



14 hours is a long-ass time to be couped up in a chair next to complete strangers.. so I booked my flight with Singapore Air b/c of all the rave reviews and my desire to be as comfortable as possible. All I can say is holy shit, SA is incredible. Seriously like the Chuck Norris of Airlines. I got a little depressed envious walking past First Class, as the seats looked like mini-cubicles made out of cushions and pillows- which could easily seat 2 people each.


Economy class was no slouch tho, and the service was on par with a  5 star restaurant. Before we even took off I had hot towel in hand, 8 page food menu, headphones, peanuts, and a Givenchy scarf. OH MY! The meals were delicious and dinner came with a king-sized ice cream sandwich! If that’s not winning I don’t know what is. The icing on the air-cake was a USB port on the back of the seat, woo! Going back to Southwest will be a sad day…



M1NT has a “DJ apartment” where they house their guest DJs on extended stays. Its currently occupado so i’m staying in a hotel for the first 2 weeks. Its a new hotel an apparently one of the few that actually has WiFi so no complaints here. My daily routine is a bit odd at the moment as i’m still setting in to being 16 hours ahead of US time (I’m literally living in the future.. so if you want the winning Powerball numbers, let me know), and also the incredibly late nights that seem to happen here.

This has been my routine so far..

  • 1pm: Wake up. Anyone who knows me knows this is unheard of. I’m usually up by 9am regardless of when I got to bed (blessing and a curse)
  • Watch 2-3 episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Not the best use of time in a foreign country but i’m roped the f*ck into that show, so good.
  • 3pm: 1 hour search for normal food. The most challenging part of my day is finding somewhere to eat that isn’t scary and isn’t McDonalds or KFC (one of the two is located on just about every block of the city).
  • 9pm: Dinner. At M1NT if i’m working that night. Amazing food
I got 2 phones so they call me 2Phones (2Chainz voice).. One for chinese contacts, one for US texts and social networks (when I can find WiFi). I phones are like $800 USD in China so I look a real asshole walking around with 2… #FirstWorldProblems
  • 11p-1a OR 1a-3a: DJ @ M1NT. I rotate the early and late shifts, both equally fun and completely different sets. It gets busy early but no one dances until about midnight b/c they are all at the bar getting their drink on. I don’t think anyone goes out for the sole purpose of dancing. Drinking is the priority. After 12 its game on balls to the wall until 4am. The music format is super big room festival-style house, electro, and remixes. NO hiphop whatsoever. Not that the club forbids it, it just doesn’t work with the crowd.
  • 4am: Food truck tacos. That’s right! Some westerner opened up an american-style food truck outside of M1NT, serving hot dogs, popcorn chicken, french fries, tacos, and quesadillas. BRILLIANT.
  • 430am: Afterparty. The new hotspot is Club Hollywood, which goes til I don’t even know when. I was there until 7 or 8am last night and it was still going strong (Oy). Since you can drink 24hrs a day there is a higher ratio of normal people at afterhours, as opposed to just people that can’t feel their faces.
  • 7-8am: Bedtime.

Rinse and repeat.



This being my second time here, i’m pretty much over most of the culture shock and weird quirks of this place. However there are a handful of things I forgot about and was quickly reminded upon return:


  • The language barrier is NO JOKE. Besides hello and thank you, cross street names are about all you really need to nail down to get around town (via incredibly cheap taxis). Unfortunately if you mispronounce even one syllable in a word they won’t understand you, at all. And the percentage of chinese people that understand/speak english is extremely small. Definitely not a good city to get lost in (knock on wood).
  • 100% of the population smokes. California public smoking laws got me spoiled with clean air indoors. Pretty much every club and bar here reaks like ash tray and lung cancer.
  • Getting asked if you want a ‘lady massage’ 5 times a day is totally normal. If they are real shameless they’ll rub on your junk at the same time… also fairly normal.
  • Red Bull comes in awesome cans, but is not carbonated. Vodka Red Bulls just don’t taste the same 🙁
  • They eat a lot of weird sh*t. Finding normal food can be somewhat of a challenge at times… I got my hopes up when I saw a spot called “Spicy Joint”, then I looked at the menu and saw Duck Blood and Roasted Brain.. YUM.




  • McDonald’s spicy chicken wings might be the best thing to happen to this world. I’m not sure why they don’t have these in the States but i’m starting a petition ASAP. Seriously incredible.

M1NT – Still #1

Its been almost 2 years since I was here last, and after DJing my first 3 nights its clear they are still crushing the Nightlife scene here. As soon as I mention to anyone that i’m the guest DJ at M1NT their faces light up, followed by “OMG I LOOOOOOVE M1NT!” Its really an amazing venue and absolute blast to play. They also have a 55′ Shark tank in the hallway which about as badass as it gets.

I wish I had more photos from the club but they keep it so freaking dark in there there’s few good photo ops. However I’m determined to get some good photos before the end of my trip!



Heading into the new week i’ll be upping my adventures a bit and hopefully not sleeping until 1pm everyday so I can get more out of each day. Check back soon for the latest update!