Shanghai Shenanigans Day 12: New Digs | Jing’an Temple | Street Life | M1NT


After 1 1/2 weeks in a hotel i’ve finally moved into the M1NT apartment. Its a nice 3bd apartment in the Jing’an District, that i’ll be sharing w/ one of the other resident DJs and the club Manager. Nice to have some roommates, a living room, and a KITCHEN! Not that I ever cooked at home but I will def be doing more of my own (familiar food) cooking here. Woo!


Smallest fridge everrrrr…SMH



If there’s one thing to absolutely love about this place its the fact that you can have just about anything you want delivered to your door, anytime. Food, laundry, women, you name it. As many know from last time, i’m a sucker for the McDonalds delivery man (no homo). He shows up in a McSpaceSuit with a square backpack of piping hot spicy wings for like $3 USD.


I also discovered a wash and fold laundry service that comes and picks up your laundry, will follow any special care instructions you provide (i.e. air dry my t-shirts), and dropped off the clean stack, folded and GIFT WRAPPED in under 24 hours. Amazing. And cheap.


Amongst the eating, sleeping, and partying I do manage to get out and do some worthwhile sightseeing..


I stumbled upon the Jing’an Temple the other day which was nothing short of amazing. Its over 700 years old and has a ton of history.  Despite being a big tourist attraction, once I got inside I quickly realized I was the only one there to take photos. Literally every single other person in there was getting their hardcore worship on.  I almost felt like an asshole for shamelessly snapping away, but hey its called shameless for a reason (ha).



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The original temple is over 700 years old, and was moved the current location in the early 1900’s. It burned to the ground in the 70’s and was rebuilt in the 80’s. The Jing’an has several huge rooms with different statues of worship. The main room has the largest buddha statue in all of China, which is 15 tons of pure silver, and another room  has the second largest- a 5 ton buddha statue made of pure Jade. The Jade satue is 12ft tall and the silver is 26ft tall.

Most people were in the main courtyard area burning Joss Sticks (Chinese ritual incents) and either tossing or balancing coins for good luck. All in all it was very fascinating to watch. And as much as I stand out, everyone was so involved in their rituals I felt like no one really even noticed I was there…



All the most interesting and outlandish things happen at the random hours of the night on the street. Despite the fact that there is an extremely small (borderline nonexistent) homeless population in Shanghai, there are beggars GALORE. Holy smokes. They will literally open your cab door as soon as you pull up somewhere and shove a paper cup in your face. Then they’ll follow you at least half a block before giving up if you haven’t given in.


Some have even got creative with their tactics.. You’ll often see kids used as bait to get money from you, and one man even has a pet monkey.. that does tricks!! I’ve encountered him a couple times now and have not problem shelling out a few Yuan to see some monkey trickery.


I was lucky enough to have some partners in crime the first 2 weeks of my trip.. Both DJ Deville (Tampa) and Agent Smith (LA) were in Shanghai at the same time so we all got to kick it together, halfway across the world (gotta love our jobs!).


Here’s a quick video of us on our way to Hollywood Afterhours, and getting mobbed by beggars, small children, and furry animals: 




 M1NT – Where are all the asians?


That was the #1 question I got after posting the first club photo from M1NT.. I had never really given it much thought but I guess its a valid question, considering…


There’s really 2 type of clubs in Shanghai.. Chinese clubs, and Western clubs. The typical Chinese club is much more focused on tables and bottle service than dancing. So these huge elaborate clubs will have dancefloors that might hold 50-100 people. The rest is all tables.  The music format is quite a bit heavier on the hard electro remixes of top40, and they are HUGE on live performances throughout the night. Like every hour. Most of them don’t charge cover and will have ridiculous (all-you-can) drink specials (more on that in the next post). Western clubs by contrast are more like clubs in Europe and the States, catering to all the Expats (expatriates/foreigners) in Shanghai.


M1NT is like the uber upscale western club in Shanghai, although its also frequented by very rich Chinese. Its for members only and guests, so they don’t charge cover but you have to have a membership. I’d say 70% of the clientele are Expats. And the Chinese that are there are spending money popping bottles, not on the dancefloor.. Hence not being in the photos 🙂