I can’t vouch for Wiz’s wardrobe, but I will definitely vouch for his new jam w/ The Weeknd. I have to say  that Weeknd makes the song and Wiz is more of the ‘feature’.. either way, great track.   Wiz Khalifa Ft. The Weeknd – Remember You (stream)

[Video] Avicii Exclusive Interview

[via MusicTalks] Interview aficionado Rosa Barney takes her talents to the screen. Miss Rosa sits down with internationally renowned DJ Avicii for a less than conventional interview.   Be on the lookout for more sit downs from many of your favorite artists from the Music Talks team, questioning them on all things unconventional. The only […]

[Video] NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody – “Whistle”

These days there’s a remix to every notable event that happens in this country. Right now the worst call in NFL officiating history is the #1 headline… so you know they had to do a remix, right? To the (horrible) tune of Flo Rida – Whistle:   I just bought a whistle baby, whistle baby, […]

Coachella Diluted… and multiplied

The once prestigious title of “Coachella Attendee” is at risk of becoming as common as “DJ.”   Once upon a time patrons vied over extremely limited spots and paid exorbitant prices for secondhand tickets for that one cherished weekend in mid April out in the desert. The acclaim the show continues to receive lead event […]

G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer (Album Stream)

It seems the “Rap Group” is making a comeback with a bit of a twist. By the likes of G.O.O.D, MMG, YM, Rostrum, and on down the list the moguls are assembling troops and ramping up their lyrical arsenals for an impending battle royale. The most recent release is from one of the most controverted […]