Interview with Rastaclat

Via Rastaclat:

RiskOneRastaclatHis career has been rockin’ for 13 years, and his schedule just continues to get tighter, traveling all over the country and even internationally.  Risk One literally started from the bottom and now he’s here.  He is a member of the Crooklyn Clan, the #1 remix site for a DJ.  He has mixed and produced countless floor filling jams played and heard worldwide. He has coined a phrase that sums it up: “just a little bit better than dope.”

A master of EDM, mash up and hip hop, Risk went from small bars and house parties to doing international boat cruises and many of the top nightclubs in cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and even Asia.
Even with a challenging travel schedule he keeps his skills sharp.  In 2012 Risk beat out 23 challengers to win the famous McDonald’s Flavor Battle Championship, a prestigious annual DJ’ing competition. Make sure to check out Risk’s happenings on his site  We recently got a few minutes with him.


Q) When did you fist start DJ’ing?

I randomly took an 8-week DJ class at a teen center when I was a senior in high school (circa 2000). Fell in love and the rest is history


Q) Who were your musical influences growing up?

Most of my musical influence came from my parents crazy eclectic collection of music, all of which was amazing. When I raided their record collection I found things like Bob James, BT Express, and Ohio Players.  Their CD collection was everything from Seal and Sade to Ice Cube and Spice 1.  My first CD was Pete Rock and CL Smooth, first concert was Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation!), then in high school I hit my Rawkus, Rhymesayers, and Def Jux phase.  And now I play dance music, LOL.


Q) What was your most embarrassing moment when you first started?

My first DJ battle (ever) I didn’t expect to move past the first round, so I only practiced one routine. Well, I ended up advancing and didn’t have another routine prepared.  So I went up with a handful of records and had to wing it.  I fumbled through a juggle I had KINDA practiced, then went to do a scratch set.  But, I forgot to bring the scratch record up. The beat was going and I had nothing to scratch with, so I just did b-boy moves for the last 30 seconds of my set ’cause I didn’t know what else to do. I actually have this on video somewhere.


Q) You’re well traveled now.  What is your favorite city to play in and why?

Chicago and San Diego are probably my 2 favorite cities to play, mostly because they both have a great overall nightlife scene. So many good venues and parties. However, Union in Iowa City might be my favorite club to DJ.  It’s a college town so they party HARD.  Zero f*cks given.  Also I find that younger crowds and smaller cities tend to appreciate DJ’s and the music more than older crowds or bigger cities.


Q) What is your favorite genre to play and why?

It’s harder than ever to answer this question these days. The genre lines are so blurred these days.  You got EDM dudes making Hip Hop, Hip Hop artists playing House, and Neo-Soul artists singing Country. All of which, you’ll hear at most clubs on the same night. I really enjoy playing for the crowd, whatever that is. Good energy is good energy.


Q) Name a place you haven’t been to play music yet, and why you would love to play there?

Hawaii! From what I hear, their nightlife scene doesn’t really support flying out too many guest DJs, however I’ve never been and would love to visit. Rocking a party and getting to explore the land in the same trip would be fantasmo.