Coachella Diluted… and multiplied

The once prestigious title of “Coachella Attendee” is at risk of becoming as common as “DJ.”


Once upon a time patrons vied over extremely limited spots and paid exorbitant prices for secondhand tickets for that one cherished weekend in mid April out in the desert. The acclaim the show continues to receive lead event promoters Goldenvoice to the only logical conclusion…. Put on as many bastardized versions of Coachella possible throughout the year.


Last year, Holy Ship! expanded the performance scape to a 4 day cruise chock full of EDM heads and performers. Without fail, the S.S. Coachella sets sail later this fall. Carrying on this path of dilution, those at the helm announced the possibility of even more Coachella branded shows throughout the year, bringing the total to 5 festival weekends per year. Oh my! Check the full story via LA Times-


Is this a matter of suppliers meeting demand? Or too much of a good thing? We want to know your thoughts..