Club Applebee’s! No, seriously

Remember all those kids who were last picked for everything in High School? Well, they need somewhere to party too…


Applebee’s is testing out a new model in many of their Tampa, locations.. calling it Bee’s Late Night or “Club Bee’s. After the restaurant clears of their typical family-oriented customers, the tables clear and the strobe lights come out- as DJ Such & Such plays the hottest PG-Rated 80’s, 90s, and Carly Rae Jepson you’ve ever heard.


The idea is to attract more of their younger customers who come later to dine and drink, then go elsewhere to hang out and party. I mean, what better way to burn off that 1460 calorie Three-Cheese Chicken Penne you just had than to dance it off on Wednesday’s Girls Night Out  at The Bee’s?


The concept doesn’t come without its (obvious) criticism- restaurant consultant Clark Wolf says, “People aren’t sure what Applebee’s is to begin with. An all-American family chain? What does that mean anymore? This is not where I want to go for cocktails later. It’s weird. It’s like dating a cousin.”


Can Applebee’s ever be cool? Who knows, but dammit, they’re giving it a shot. I just better not get a drunken high heel in my Triple Chocolate Meltdown. 


[via Bloomberg]