Beat The Cancer Up.

Risk One Cancer Free

As many people know I’ve been battling a rare cancer which has taken over my life for the last 6+ months… My career and personal life have been put on hold in exchange for long hospital stays, ER visits, chemotherapy, and a huge surgery which was just completed last week. As of today i’m happy to report that I am now CANCER FREE!!!

Based on the report, all the cancer cells found in my body were dead from chemo, and all were contained within the bladder not having a chance to spread. Typically the risk of return would still be high due to the type of cancer, but since the bladder was removed/replaced in surgery this brings the likelihood of return down to almost negligible.

I’ll still have to do follow-up visits every few months over the next several years to monitor any chance of return, as there’s always the possibility of undetected cells hiding out. But as of this moment thanks to the support of all my friends & family, and amazing team of doctors, I have a whole new life to look forward to.