Club Applebee’s! No, seriously

Remember all those kids who were last picked for everything in High School? Well, they need somewhere to party too…   Applebee’s is testing out a new model in many of their Tampa, locations.. calling it Bee’s Late Night or “Club Bee’s“. After the restaurant clears of their typical family-oriented customers, the tables clear and […]

[Video] NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody – “Whistle”

These days there’s a remix to every notable event that happens in this country. Right now the worst call in NFL officiating history is the #1 headline… so you know they had to do a remix, right? To the (horrible) tune of Flo Rida – Whistle:   I just bought a whistle baby, whistle baby, […]


In case you missed Queen Latifah’s Lion King-esque performance of the National Anthem before last night’s NFL Season Opener, you’re in luck. Watch the replay in all its glory, courtesy of Sports Grid. The overwhelming Twitter consensus was this was borderline disrespectful to our country.. Eager to hear other opinions though.. Speak on it!